Trapped in a spiral stairs

November 8th 2017 DBT Group today was very Har for me. The beginning was fine until that session of visualization where I got trapped walking down a spiral stairs. My anxiety went up and I couldn’t breathe. Trapped in that darkness, this bedroom, my hands against the metal bed rail an I couldn’t move. I […]

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Letter to my criminal lawyer’s abuser

Dear M. Criminal Lawyer. I am writing to you because I need to know. I have so many questions in my head. I do not understand why a lawyer will defend his client for the same charges. The client was charged 2-3 different times for sexual assault. Why do you still defend him? Is it […]

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Counseling for the sexual assault

I finally found a good psychologist. He is going to help me to deal with the sexual assault that happened a year ago. I didn’t move on. I thought I did but no. My man called the Military assistance program and a week later I had an appointment booked. How amazing is that? I am […]

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I am an adolescent psychologist — and here are 13 valuable lessons I hope you’ll learn from “13 Reasons Why”

There is one of the best tv show I had never watch on Netflix. I also had a hard hardtime finishing watching it. A lot of triggers from my past of bullying, the rape and my suicide attempts. I have learned from it though and I hope this can spread awareness around the globe. I […]

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Memories/flashback and emotions

When I close my eyes I always see myself being raped. I feel hurt, sad, scared, afraid, devastated and dirty for myself. I have anger and guilt towards myself. Why didn’t I scream or run away that night? Why did I freeze? Why did I disconnect? I still feel the fear that I had when […]

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My girlfirend’s abuser

You were my friend, I trusted you and your boyfriend and he hurt me. After the horrible night, the night of darkness at the house of rape, I went to the hospital. In shocked, I pressed charges against your boyfriend. He hurt me. I was right to do that.  I was thinking about you. How […]

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My Story

  My name is Sandra Boulianne and this is my story. Introduction I have been struggling with mental health for a part of my life. Today, I am speaking out loud about it. I am going to tell you why I have been struggling with mental health and what kind of events brought me here. […]

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