Andy Biersack gave me hope!

This picture quote is about self-harm. I like it because it is is true and I will remember it when I feel that I want to hurt myself. I am not alone in this life. I have to remember it! So true. Sometimes I  to far away in my mind. I have to remember to […]

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After my appointment yesterday with a psychologist, I realized that I have been self-harming before the sexual assault as well. I tought it was just recent, but it was not. I am having flashback from my past. My childhood when I was pulling my hair intentionnaly and when my mom found out all the hair […]

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Yesterday, I had my choice appointment with a psychologist. I finally got a referral to join the DBT program. I might have to do more test. Psychology or personality test, we do not know yet. It was a meeting overwhelming in emotions. I do not like to talk about my past. I do no like to […]

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