Mindfulness Definitions


  • Intentionally living with awareness in the present moment. ( Waking up from automatic or note behaviors to participate and be present to our own lives.)
  • Without judging or rejecting the moment. (Noticing consequences, discerning helpfulness and harmful Ness – but letting go of evaluating, avoiding, suppressing, or blocking the present moment.)


  • Mindfulness skills are the specific behaviors to practice that, when put together, make up mindfulness.


  • Mindfulness and mindfulness skills can be practiced at any time, anywhere, while doing anything. Intentionally paying attention to the moment, without judging it or holding on to it, is all that is needed.
  • Meditation is practicing mindfulness and mindfulness skills while sitting, or lying quietly for predetermined period of time. When meditating, we focus the mind ( for example, we focus on body send st ions,  emotions, thoughts, or our breath), or we open the mind (paying attention to whatever comes into our awareness). There are many forms of meditation that differ mostly by whether we are opening the mind or focusing the mind – and, if focusing, depending on what is the focus of our attention.
  • Contemplative prayer (such as Christian centering prayer, the rosary, Jewish Shem a,  Islamic Sufi practice, or Hindu raja yoga) is a spiritual mindfulness practice. 
  • Mindfulness moment also has many forms. Examples in cue yoga, martial arts ( such as Qigong, tai chi, akido, and karate), and spiritual dancing. Hiking, horseback riding, and walking can also be ways to practice mindfulness.

Today, I got my blessings

July 23rd, 2017

Today was a big day for me. I’ve been visiting the Hindu temple in halifax for a year. The temple is a safe place to be for me. After my last suicide attempt in April, I was down, depression and hopeless. I started to go more often. Twice month since then, I am in the city at the Hindu temple. I found hope and faith and the envy of living again. Life is so important. I found my hope through spirituality. Hinduism helped me a lot this past year. It still helps me going through difficulties that I’ve been experiencing so far. 

Today, I wanted to be blessed for the first time. It gave me strength to be able to continue to live the life I want. I am happy and my soul is now healthy. I didn’t know why I was going there at the first place. But now, I know. I am happy and I have hope. I am blessed to live a happy life. 

I also met a new friend. Her name is Shivana. She is going to keep me updated about meditation session or music event in the the city that I might be interested in. Meditation is very good for me and i enjoy it. 

Thank you to the Indian Community who welcomed me interest their family. I am glad and blessed to have you in my heart. I will see you again in a couple of weeks.

Hindu temple and a walk on the waterfront

Yesterday I went in the city. It was amazing as always. I went to the Hindu temple to get rid of my negative energy and open some space to get positive energy. It worked well. I also had so much love from the Indian women. They are friendly and I feel happy when I am surrounded by them. They are my family.

After the temple I went to the waterfront for a nice walk. Still clearing my mind. I also stopped at my favorite boutique, The blackmarket. I bought two pairs of earrings and four bracelets for only 9,00$. I am feeling good and ready to start my week.