Where she had come from

She paused on the journey and looked back at where she had come from. She saw the spots where she had stumbled and gotten up again. And she was able to see just how far she’d come and what an incredible traveler she’d become. – Unknown Advertisements

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Happy. Happy. Happy.

Today was a good day for me. I went to see my best friend this morning we talked and enjoyed a nice coffee.  I went to my hockey practice. I scored a goal and my muscles are tensed. I had a nap when I came back home and I felt so much better. Anxiety was […]

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I might be wrong about my last post

Finally, I might be wrong about my last post. The one I was talking about people will never changed.  Late this afternoon, I got a call from my mom. She had a big new for me. I was not expecting that one. She took the decision to quit drinking. She wants to change. I was […]

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Some people will never changed.

Two weeks ago, I sent a letter to my mom. I explained my emotions to her. Everything was about how I felt when I was young. I wrote her a part of my story including the impact she had on me as a mother who was not emotionally there for me. I waited a long […]

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Why did I spend some time without publishing?

August 27th 2017 It’s been a while since I published. Why? Because I am in recovery. I am finally taking good care of myself. After the suicide attemp in April 2017, the one I got hospitalized for couple days, because of the damaged I did to myself by taking an overdose of Tylenol. I am […]

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A ccouple days ago, I found old suicide letters that I wrote before the suicide attempts. I was feeling anxious about thinking of having them in my bedside drawer. This afternoon, I took them and burnt them in fire pit. I read them then I watched te burn. I was feeling relieved. I was thinking […]

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Good day & good news

Let’s talk about my day. I had an excellent day and there is why. I had a coffee and some fresh macaroons from the French bakery with my best friend. I finally got set up to quit smoking cigarette by using a vapor with my favorite flavor. Pina colada! I am going to be entering […]

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