Willigness is readiness to enter and paticipate fully in life and living. Find a WILLING RESPONSE to each situation. Willingness is DOING JUST WHAT IS NEEDED: In each situation. Wholeheartedly, without dragging your feet. Willingness is listening very carefully to your WISE MIND, and then acting from your WISE MIND. Willingness is ACTING WITH AWARENESS […]

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Turning the mind

TURNING THE MIND is like facing a fork in the road. You have to turn yourmind toward the acceptance road, and away from the road of rejecting reality. TURNING THE MIND is choosing to accept. The CHOICE to accept does not itself equal acceptance. It just puts you on the path. TURNING THE MIND, STEP […]

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3 days of struggles 

My past week was very struggling. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night were the worst. I cried and wanted to hurt myself so bad. But the good thing is I didn’t. I waited for those intense negative emotions to pass. It was painful and I survived it without going into urges. I thought about it strongly […]

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