When I am tired

When I am tired my mind is swirling around thoughts are going fast. I think I am scared but I am not sure. Today I had a big day. I am very tired and I am also thinking about the DBT coming up. Finally I am scared. I realized that I will have to work […]

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Pre-treatment 1st meeting

Yesterday I had my pre-treatment 1st meeting. My new psychologist is very cool and very nice. We are a good match to continue in the program. He gave me amazing information about what is Borderline personality disorder and what I have to expect from the DBT and what I am going to work on.  I […]

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I got a call

This morning I got a call from NS Health. This phone call that I’ve been waiting for so long.  I spoke with the psychologist who will be my therapist during the DBT program. I was super happy and he told me that he found a lot of motivation in my voice. I am ready to […]

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My second goal

Yesterday I had a hockey game and I scored my second goal. By the way I just started to play hockey. September 2nd, I was learning how to skate and how to play. Now I can skate with speed with my puck. A lot of improvements. I am so proud of myself. I love hockey […]

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