After my appointment yesterday with a psychologist, I realized that I have been self-harming before the sexual assault as well. I tought it was just recent, but it was not. I am having flashback from my past. My childhood when I was pulling my hair intentionnaly and when my mom found out all the hair […]

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Yesterday, I had my choice appointment with a psychologist. I finally got a referral to join the DBT program. I might have to do more test. Psychology or personality test, we do not know yet. It was a meeting overwhelming in emotions. I do not like to talk about my past. I do no like to […]

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Last night I was reflecting on my childhood and when I was a teenager and also when I was a young adult and I realized how vulnerable I was. The only thing I was looking for is love. I just wanted to be loved. How many times that I asked a boy to be my […]

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30 years old

I am 30 years old and when I think about my life, what I’ve been through, it seems unreal. I have been struggling with a lot of difficulties and I always fought for myself. Even when I was in my darkness mind, when I wanted to end my life I didn’t give up. I am […]

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It was hard to admit that I had an addiction. I was drinking occasionally and smoking weed rarely but still. I started to do it more and more often. Everyday I was having one or two glasses of wine after the kids where in bed to be able to relax. I started to drink more […]

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Unconditional love

Today, I realized what unconditional love is. I now know that my man has unconditional love towards me. Because he wants the best for me. He wants me to be happy and healthy. Just like with my children, I realized that they need me. They need to know my struggles but they also need to […]

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