DBT skills to come

I know that I said in my last post that I might be done publishing. I will be done only when I will have published all the skills that I have learned so far in my therapy. There is a lot and they are all important and amazing skills to help you through rough times […]

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6 months of Therapy

I already completed 6 months of therapy. The DBT changed my life for the best. I am on my way to recovery. I can say that I am over BPD. I achieved a lot the past 6 months. I achieved my life goal who was taking care of my family again. I can control my […]

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A ccouple days ago, I found old suicide letters that I wrote before the suicide attempts. I was feeling anxious about thinking of having them in my bedside drawer. This afternoon, I took them and burnt them in fire pit. I read them then I watched te burn. I was feeling relieved. I was thinking […]

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