I’ve been sober for 7 months. Since I quit alcohol and drugs, my life changed. I am more aware of what is going on. I can also think straight. I have memories from my past coming back but I am mentally stable now to deal with it. I am stronger than ever. I am proud […]

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Who is the loser?

One night, when I was partying with some old toxic friends, including my abuser… A month before the sexual assault, we were playing a game of Jenga. We were drinking and I felt very competitive and wanted to beat this guy. I was feeling empowered by the alcohol. This guy, my abuser, said “I never […]

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Today, I spent the day in Halifax. I went to the Hindu temple for the puja and cleared my negative energy. I also wanted to say goodbye to my grand father. He past away last week and I didn’t go to the funeral in Quebec. First, I don’t like churches that much and second, my […]

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I called my dad today. I was so happy to tell him how my blog is doing and all the work I do. I wanted him to say that he is proud of me. Instead he told me to stay careful of the visitors, they might be dangerous or maybe they want to track a […]

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When I was in Bagotville

When I was in Bagotville, Quebec, I was involved in a fatal car crash. I was driving behind my friend and a snowmobile coming from the right didn’t stop and hit the car. I saw the lights shining in the field, coming so close to me. I saw a big light just like an explosion. […]

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My girlfirend’s abuser

You were my friend, I trusted you and your boyfriend and he hurt me. After the horrible night, the night of darkness at the house of rape, I went to the hospital. In shocked, I pressed charges against your boyfriend. He hurt me. I was right to do that.  I was thinking about you. How […]

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