Have you heard about chamomile herbal tea? This is one of my favorite before bed time. It helps to keep my anxiety and my stress level down. I also get an amazing sleep. This herbal tea can get purchased pretty much everywhere. But my favorite one is from David’s Tea. Those leaves, flowers are so […]

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Power nap.

There is another coping skills that I love to use when I have time. During a rainy day like today and feeling down and you don’t know why. Just take a nap. This is what I did. I took a power nap and I woke up calmer than I was because I was having anxiety […]

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Positive Copers

Mental Imagination: Look for the humor and Anticipate the future Life planning: set clear goals. Plan for the future Organizing: Take charge. Make order. Don’t let things pile up. Problem solving: solve it yourself. Seek outside help. Tackle problems head-on. Relabelling: Change perspectives. Look for good in a bad situation Time Management: Focus on top […]

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Another coping skill that I love and want to share with you. I was not feeling very good today. Some anxiety was rising up and I was feeling down emotionally. First, I put my cleaning on hold and I had a big nap. I woke up a little better than before but still not the […]

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Meditation and Deep breathing

When I feel my anxiety rising up I lay down on a yoga mat and I pratice some deep breathing exercises and I follow a guided meditation on youtube. Youtube has different good and amazing guided meditation and relaxation. They are short, medium and long. You can have access to the one who is more […]

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When I feel anxious or sad or angry or even happy, I love doing puzzle. Mindful activities are great and healthy for mental health. It helps the brain to let go the negative energy and focus on the positive. To improve this activity I drink a herbal tea. After a little while I feel relaxed […]

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