Exposure of my childhood

On Friday April 27th 2018, I had an appointment with my therapist. I did an exposure. It was similar to the ptsd treatment. I closed my eyes and my therapist directed me to my past when I had an argue with my mom about asking her to help me stop the intimidation and bullying at […]

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Last day in the city

Today is my last day in the city. I had time to reflect on myself and I went to a good conclusion.  I really want to be home but I have to do less if I want to survive at home. Oldest kids a school and the youngest at daycare I will have time and […]

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What am I suppose to do?

I am away from home. Taking a break from the stressors that I have at home, but I am missing home. I am missing my babies and my husband. I am doing good and getting some strength to be able to continue and fight my darkness and my demons. I want to live but when […]

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Easter weekend

Monday easter, I am at my in-laws relaxing and and thinking about the nice weekend I had.  Good friday was good because we went to the zoo in Aylesford Nova Scotia and we got our family pass. The zoo is another place that I love. Walking around watching the animals. I feel great and I […]

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Sometimes I do feel like shit. I feel so guilty about pretty much everything I say or everything I do. I always think that I am wrong. I always think that I am not worth it. I do not control those negative emotions. I hate it. I hate it to death. I feel guilty about […]

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Reading by the shore

Oldest kids at school and youngest at daycare, I am in Port George Nova Scotia reading a book. One of my favorite place in the world. This place is one of my quiet and safe place that I enjoy to be. A book in the hand, enjoying this beautiful view keeping my anxiety and stress […]

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