DBT skills to come

I know that I said in my last post that I might be done publishing. I will be done only when I will have published all the skills that I have learned so far in my therapy. There is a lot and they are all important and amazing skills to help you through rough times […]

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Opposite Action

Use opposite action when your emotions do NOT fit the facts or when acting on your emotions is NOT effective. EVERY EMOTION HAS AN ACTION URGE. CHANGE THE EMOTION BY ACTING OPPOSITE TO ITS ACTION URGE. Consider these examples: EMOTION -> ACTION URGE -> OPPOSITE ACTION Fear -> Run away/avoid -> approach/ don’t avoid Anger […]

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Check the Facts

FACTS Many emotions and actions are set off by our thoughts and interpretations of events, not by the events themselves. Events -> Thoughts -> Emotions Our emotions can also have a big effect on our thoughts about events. Event -> Emotion -> Thoughts Examining our thoughts and checking the facts can help us change our […]

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6 months of Therapy

I already completed 6 months of therapy. The DBT changed my life for the best. I am on my way to recovery. I can say that I am over BPD. I achieved a lot the past 6 months. I achieved my life goal who was taking care of my family again. I can control my […]

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