Where she had come from

She paused on the journey and looked back at where she had come from. She saw the spots where she had stumbled and gotten up again. And she was able to see just how far she’d come and what an incredible traveler she’d become. – Unknown Advertisements

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Using Cold Water, Step by Step

In the last article I shared some information about TIP Skills. One of them was to use the cold water. I am going to give you this skill step by step.  COLD WATER CAN WORK WONDERS When you put your full face into cold water… Or you put a zip-lock bag with cold water on your […]

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Mindfulness Definitions

WHAT IS MINDFULNESS? Intentionally living with awareness in the present moment. ( Waking up from automatic or note behaviors to participate and be present to our own lives.) Without judging or rejecting the moment. (Noticing consequences, discerning helpfulness and harmful Ness – but letting go of evaluating, avoiding, suppressing, or blocking the present moment.) WHAT […]

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STOP Skill

This morning my anxiety was rising up. I couldn’t manage it and my fear was to end up in an anxiety attack. I remembered to use my STOP Skill. I am very proud. I also called my therapist to let him know and he was also proud of me.  I ended up going to MY […]

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The day after…

November 9th 2017 I woke up this morning and I was feeling sad. I went to my hockey practice but I couldn’t finish it. I was feeling sad and depressed. My mind wasn’t aware or there. I couldn’t focus on what I needed to do. I couldn’t skate properly and the ice was also horrible. […]

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