Last day in the city

Today is my last day in the city. I had time to reflect on myself and I went to a good conclusion. 

I really want to be home but I have to do less if I want to survive at home. Oldest kids a school and the youngest at daycare I will have time and less stress to work at home on the chores that I have.

I will keep the youngest one at the daycare full time next week and I will go down to 4 times a week. I will have time to take care of my own self. 

I am thinking to get a job on the side to be able to gain a little bit of money because the childcare is very expensive. We can afford it for now but won’t be able to afford it forever. We are having financial issues but I have to take care of myself too. I will work hard and make it works. I am confident.

I am seeing a friend after lunch today. I also have a hair appointment for a trim and I am going to my man’s aunt for supper tonight. I will have a good day.

Tomorrow, I am going back home. I will stop at another friend’s house on my way and I will go see my best friend in the valley in the afternoon for another coffee then I have an appreciation dinner at the Annapolis mess in Greenwood. The Greenwood Family Resource Center is providing an appreciation dinner for those who volunteered at the GMFRC in 2016. I had an amazing time volunteered for them. It was therapeutic. Thank you so much for making me feels good about the work I did. It means a lot to me.


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