Easter weekend

Monday easter, I am at my in-laws relaxing and and thinking about the nice weekend I had. 

Good friday was good because we went to the zoo in Aylesford Nova Scotia and we got our family pass. The zoo is another place that I love. Walking around watching the animals. I feel great and I love showing my kids the beauty of he nature.

Saturday was pretty quiet but we had a great time. We were late for an easter egg hunt but we were back home with mashmallows. The kids had a blast. I went to my friend’s house and enjoyed a tea. It was nice to see her and talk with her.

Easter Sunday, a beautiful morning with my little amazing family. Kids found some eggs and we had a good breakfast. My daughter ended up finding my pills and ate a couples but we went to the hospital and found out that she didn’t eat the worse one and she spit a couple too. I guess it was a warning for our fail to get more secure and safe. I was in shocked and I blamed myself about it. I didn’t cut or scrached. I amoke a cigarette instead and I did some breathing exercice. It’s an accident and it happens. We also had a great family dinner. I love family dinner.
Monday easter, today I am relaxing and thinking about the next week. I want to have a nice week. I am going to have a good week. 


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