Going out

Yesterday I went out to a party on the base. I was disigned driver. I love when I know that I am aking a difference in people life’s. My anxiety was rinsing up because I was thinking about a friend who is also struggling with mental health. I was able to think about her but let her disturb my mind too much. I like her and I don’t want to close this friendship.

I was having fun, playing games and eating pizza. All my friends were there, my husband and his siblings too. It was a great night. It helped me to stop thinking about destruction and negativity. I was in a positive mood and I wanted to keep it like that.

I also catched up with a friend who was talking about Reiki. I think I will try that. It might be very helpful with my anxiety and redistributing the energy in the right place in my body. That friend is following my blog and she wanted to help. She gave me such good compliments about it. I was happy. One of the first time in my life I was feeling worth it. I was experiencing pride and happiness.  The real one not the one I used to live with behind the mask. It felt amazing and I want to thank her for what she did for me last night. It means a lot. 

I also thought about boundaries to protect my mental health. I talked with another friend today and she helped me realized that I was right about helping others but with limits. I am still working on myself and I am on a good path for now. I want to keep it like that. I deserve it and I need it.


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