Empty good

I feel empty but good. I feel that my negative energy is gone. I am empty of negative thoughts. I am happy and calm. I am zen and relaxed. I talked to a few friends. It was nice. They really care about me and I appreciate it. I have met with some great people at the psychiatry short stay unit in Kentville. Every single person helped me in their own way. I was also able to stabilize my mood, so I can think straight and make up a good safety plan. I worked really hard. I am on my way home and ready to face the world again.

I am scared of my darkness. The worst place I don’t want to be is in my head on the dark side. My negatives and suicidal toughts are destructives. Sometimes they are the strongest.

I will eventually get into a therapy to help me cope with my destructives behaviors and my unstable mood swings. I am looking forward to it. I will also need another therapy to treat the complex trauma due to the sexual assault and my past history by being emotionally abused.

A lot of work ahead, but I am more confident and I have such great support around me. I will face it.


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