Maybe not the right diagnosis

I am talking about having not the right diagnosis. Maybe I don’t have borderline personality disorder and maybe I have bipolar instead. It is so hard to know. I talked with a friend who has bipolar and he told me that what I did and how I did the things to ended up in hospital was pretty similar to what he does sometimes. I was also reading that bipolar is very similar to borderline, depression and schizophrenia. When I talked to my social worker on monday I said that the episodes or more frequent and intense since the sexual assault. My friend told me, after talking about meds, that if you are bipolar and you take anti depressant you can have more of those mania episodes. When I think clear and I put the puzzle pieces together, I upgraded my dose of anti depressant after the rape. So there is a question over there that I am going to talk about on the 23rd of march. I do put a lot of project on my shoulder when I am in a high mood of happiness and when I crash I am so depressed and it is very hard to come back as a healthy person. Did I have a wrong diagnosis? Maybe. I will, one day, find out for sure what is going in my head. 


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