Why am I ashamed of?

After an overload of emotions and project, I didn’t have the proper skills to deal with this kind of situation. The only exit that I found was to hurt myself. I scratched my arms and I was not feeling amything. I was suffering too much and I wanted that to stop so I took a lot of pills to take away my pain. While I was waiting for myself to get the freedom that I wanted, while I was waiting for the pills to kick in and while I was shaking badly, I begged my grand father who past away to come and pick me up and bring me on the otherside with him.

My man found me and called 911 right away. I was brought to the emergency. They treated me very well. I am alive. But I can feel shame and guilt and about what I did.

Why am I feeling ashamed of how I reacted?  Am I normal to feel that way?


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