Improving mental health by being true and realist

Today I spoke out loud about what I needed to do for my mental health. I know my limits and I need to respect them. I also know what I need to make me feel safe. I have to be structured and organized. I also need a timeline for everuthing that I work on. Any kind of project need to bet set on my calendar. I did some reflection about my crapy week. I realized that I put to much on my shoulder. I was on a high because I was so much excited about the Tv show coming up. I forgot myself. I exploded in anger as well because of an overload of emotions. I bottled up my emotions inside of me without expressing them in a healthy way. I completly forgot to do that. Now I know I have to manage it better. So I talked to and made myself clear and comfortable. We have a timeline set and I can now focus on eveything but structured and organized. Steve understood very well and I am happy for that. Specially that I don’t have to wear a mask and pretend. I can be myself and be true and realist, so I can work on my tv show one step at a time while living my normal life with my family and still working on my blog. Thank you Steve for understanding.


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