Crapy week

Last week was awful for me. I was feeling down, depressed and alone. Yes I have a wonderful family and I share my life everyday with but I was not feeling good. I tried a lot of coping skills as well still at the same level. Every single thing was bothering me. I was so irritable. I apologize for that. 

My weekend was worst. Kids running around and not listening. The baby was whinny. Everything to rise up my irritability. I also tried to have a conversation with my man and I ended up exploding in anger! I was so angry at everything and I started to get angry at myself because I was not able to express my feelings properly. I run downstairs in my bedroom and I cried. I was not feeling better after all but at least my anger was gone. 

Sunday night I went out to go play curling. Exercise and social made me feel better. I came back home in a silent and quiet house. I went to bed and I wished for a good sleep.

I woke up this morning, monday, with a smile and I said out loud that I am going to have a good day and a good week. I need it. More energy to clean my house as well. Today is a new beginning.


2 thoughts on “Crapy week

  1. Maybe when you feel so lousy, it would be a good time to call your friend so that you can relate to her.

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