What kind of friends should I have?

I feel that I want to talk about my friends. I want to share with the entire world what kind of friend I have and how they are such important in my life. 

My whole life I was changing my friends circle. Depends where I was living as well.  Most of them were there for partying and hanging out with. I didn’t have a lot that I can trust and talk deeply with. I didn’t really know how to do so. Living with Borderline personality disorder is difficult when you have to have relationship through friendship. I was looking for bad people because I wanted to party and I was feeling alone. So any kind of people were my friend. If you were nice to me you were my friend. Since I did the program I know what kind of friend I really need and want in my life. The ones who are always going to be there for me no matter what. The ones who can understand me deeply and will support me.

Also, since I am sober I have a new friend circle that I love. I’ve gained some new skills so I can finally have healthy friendship. It is so nice to have someone beside you who can understand how you feel without being judged.

Think about: what do you want for yourself? What kind of friends would you like to have by your side? 


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