Crisis Survival Skills

What is a crisis?

  • Traumatic moment
  • Stressful event
  • Emotional stress
  • Short term
  • Wantit resolved “right now” (“I’ve got to get out!”)

Two Rules of Crisis survival

  1. If you’re in a crisis and can solve it – DO IT!
  2. If you can’t solve it – SURVIVE IT!

We learn how to survive a crisis with two types of skills:

  1. Distractor Skills (only beneficial when you can’t solve it)
  2. Self Soothing Skills (believe you deserve it)

When do you need these Crisis Survival Skills?

  • Needs to be a crisis (highly stressful, short term, needs to be resolved, etc.)
  • Can’t be resolved right now
  • Can’t afford to make it worst


A = Activities – reading, exercise, event (movie/concert)
C = contributing – volunteer work, focus on someone/something else

C = comparisons – list reasons why this is not the worst case scenario

E = emotions – create another emotion (i. E.: listen tomusic, read a book, etc.)

P = pushing away – decide wich problems you can solve and wich you can’t (put the ones you can not “on the shelf” unti later)

T = thoughts – ways to occupy your mind, count to 10 when angry, breathe in “wise”, breathe out “mind”

S = sensations – hot bath, cold shower, hold ice in hand, physical sensations

SELF SOOTHING SKILLS ( “5 senses” to indulge and be kind to yourself)

  1. Vision: flowers, clean a certain area of the house, look at family pictures
  2. Hearing: music, another human voice
  3. Smell: flowers/perfume, home cooked meal, fresh air from outside
  4. Taste: wise to use more than just food, tea/candies, coffee
  5. Touch: very useful soothing technique, hold someone’s hand (or own), hugs and kisses from your husband or children, feeling a soft blanket


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