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You Might Not See It The pain it runs thick in her viens, It manifests her heart. She has a sunshine life, But once lived in the dark. You can't get rid of what is now a part of you, You can't forget what it was like because people want you to. The wounds they remain open, With the ability to bleed, Sometimes it's the shadow or the way someone talks to me. The fear it fills my body, Like the waves of a raging storm. Only to be ignited again, By the words I stumble upon. I keep thinking people get it, That they finally see my pain, But just like that they hurt me too, It happens all over again. To live in fear I won't, But cautious I will roam, As if I drift too far, The darkness calls me home. You might not see it now, As my life has since evolved. But my life is still a work in progress, I have more demons to be resolved. Yes I still flinch sometimes, I sometimes snap back to then, But don't tell me time will heal my wounds, Let's try not to pretend. Who is there to pick up my pieces, Like so many times I've helped you. I didn't realize because more time had passed from my tragedy, You'd think I wouldn't need you too. I will not apologize for my pain, Being a victim is hard. So don't tell me that it's romantic When I am permanently scarred. Someday I hope I can reflect, And maybe someday you'll understand, But I hope you don't ever feel the pain of forced by hand. So although you may not see it, The pain that lurks within, I just started getting stronger, I'm brewing a storm within.

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