Today, I spent the day in Halifax. I went to the Hindu temple for the puja and cleared my negative energy. I also wanted to say goodbye to my grand father. He past away last week and I didn’t go to the funeral in Quebec. First, I don’t like churches that much and second, my professional support is in Nova Scotia. Surrounded by sadness and negative energy, no thank you. I prefer to live my loss the way I want. I prefer to go to the place I like and get some positive energy through the temple. I had an amazing day. I can now grieve in positivity and happiness. Thank you to the Indian Community for being so supportive and friendly with everyone. I always feel like I am at home over there.

Last summer, when I was working on myself and trying to put the pieces of the puzzle in place in my mind; I discovered the Hindu temple. I started reading about Hinduism.  Wow, it was incredible. I was finally finding hope and faith in something. 


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