I called my dad today. I was so happy to tell him how my blog is doing and all the work I do. I wanted him to say that he is proud of me. Instead he told me to stay careful of the visitors, they might be dangerous or maybe they want to track a vulnerable person. I felt disappointed. He doesn’t know. I asked him if he actually read what I published. He said no. I didn’t read it all but it looks ok. 

I know and I understand that he lost his dad last week. My grand – father past away and my dad assisteded to his death. 

The point is that I am allowed to express MY feelings no matter what. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care or understand what people are feeling. I still have empathy.


2 thoughts on “Disappointed 

  1. I think that your father is protecting you by telling you to stay careful. Internet is a great tool to communicate. Its also a big garbage can where people have verbal diarrhea. People are mean. You have to protect yourself too. Don’t hesitate to use the fabulous ” delete ” or ” blocked “. You can control what you write, what you read and what you think. You might face people who disagree whit your topic. They might be rude, disrespectful and condescending.


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