Positive Copers


  1. Imagination: Look for the humor and Anticipate the future
  2. Life planning: set clear goals. Plan for the future
  3. Organizing: Take charge. Make order. Don’t let things pile up.
  4. Problem solving: solve it yourself. Seek outside help. Tackle problems head-on.
  5. Relabelling: Change perspectives. Look for good in a bad situation
  6. Time Management: Focus on top priorities. Work smarter, not harder.


  1. Getaways: Spend time alone. See a movie. Daydream.
  2. Hobbies: Write. Paint. Remodel. Create something
  3. Learning: Take a class. Read. Join a club.
  4. Music: Play an instrument. Sing. Listen to the stereo.
  5. Play: Play a game. Go out with friends
  6. Work: Tackle a new project. Keep busy. Volunteer


  1. Biofeedback: Listen to your body. Know your physical limitation.
  2.  Exercise: Pursue physical fitness. Jog. Swim. Dance. Walk.
  3.  Nourishment: eat for health. Limit use of alcohol.
  4.  Relaxation: Tense and relax each muscle. Take a warm bath. Breathe deeply.
  5. Self-Care: Energize your work and play. Strive for self-improvement
  6.  Stretching: Take short stretch breaks throughout your day.


  1. Commitment: Take up a worthy cause. Invest yourself meaningfully.
  2.  Reflect: Meditate. Gratitude journal. Think about beliefs
  3. Surrender: Let go of problems. Learn to live with the situation.
  4.  Valuing: Spend time and energy wisely. Find purpose and meaning in life. Put values into action.


  1.  Balancing: Balance time at work and home. Accept the good with the bad. 
  2. Conflict Resolution: Look for win/win solutions. Forgive readily
  3. Esteem building: Build good family feelings. Focus on personal strengths.
  4. Flexibility: Take a new family roles. Stay open to change.
  5. Networking: Develop friendships with other families. Make use of community resources
  6. Togetherness: Take time to be together. Build family traditions. Express affection.


  1. Affirmation: Believe in yourself. Trust others. Give compliments 
  2. Assertiveness: State your needs and wants. Say “no” respectfully. 
  3. Contact: Make new friends. Touch. Really listen to others. 
  4. Expression: Show feelings. Share feelings 
  5. Limits: accept other’s boundaries. Drop some involvement 
  6. Linking: Share problems with others. Ask for support from family/friends 

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