My girlfirend’s abuser

You were my friend, I trusted you and your boyfriend and he hurt me. After the horrible night, the night of darkness at the house of rape, I went to the hospital. In shocked, I pressed charges against your boyfriend. He hurt me. I was right to do that. 

I was thinking about you. How is she? How is she managing with her boyfriend who sexually assaulted another girl? I asked for a meeting, you and me and we talked about that night. I know you were in shocked too but did you think about me? No, because you said that I ruined your and your boyfriend’s life and because of that he will lose his job. Are you kidding me? Really? What about me? Do you really think that I will spend some energy to try to ruin someone’s life, when I have a house, a man and 3 children? I have more things to do, believe me.

 I will always remember what you said before you left angry at me. I hope the truth get told. I am agree. The only thing is you don’t see it. One day, you will open your eyes and find out that your boyfriend is toxic. 


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