The rules that I live by.

In the day Treatment Program, they asked me to put on paper the rules that I built and live by. I realized that I had a lots and they were also intense. It iwas sad and painful. I am working on them now. I needed to change them. 

Where I am trapped and I can’t move forward. I have been struggling with those rules long enough.

  1. Don’t trust yourself, trust others and mostly men.
  2. Always keep your feelings for yourself, don’t show it. People don’t want to know if you are not feeling good.
  3. Always believe a man. He is always right.
  4. Don’t believe that you can.
  5. Always satisfied or pleased a man to be loved.
  6. Always follow what your parents think or say, it is for your well-being
  7. Never make a mistake, people will judge you.
  8. Always ignore what you don’t like, you will hurt someone
  9. Always focus on others before yourself.

Today, February 19th 2017, I realized that I am not following them anymore. I finally changed them. I am proud fo the hard work I did. I did an awesome job.


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