Everything happens for a reason.

You know everything happens for a reason when…

This summer I got in contact with SteveTV.  I wanted to share what happened to me in may (sexual assault). I wanted to scream my pain! I was so pumped. I had so much anger towards the court system. I was also in process to join the Day Treatment Program. I was not mentally stable so my mind was all over the place. I was confused, angry and sad. Too many things were going on in my life. I needed to take a break and do one thing at a time. I called Steve back and I told him that I will get in touch with him later, when I will be ready. I will, in the future, call him back. I lost his information contact when I was on my way to the Day Treatment Program. At the end of Goal setting course at the Day treatment, I shared with the group that I wanted to write the story of my life. I wrote it. I started my blog a week ago and I published my story. I was thinking about steveTV but I couldn’t remember the information contact. Today, when I was doing some cleaning in the kitchen, I found steveTV information contact. The only paper I had was in my kitchen waiting for me; for when I will be ready. This afternoon I contacted SteveTV. I spoke with Steve. I was so happy and determined to talk to people about mental health. He said that he will help me. I couldn’t believe it. I was not expecting that I will become a TV host and work will SteveTV. I was also not expecting a positive answer to my demand. The new program will be in french. You will be able to find me  at Le Nouveau Depart on SteveTV.tk. Thank you so much Steve. I will always be grateful for the opportunity that you gave to me. And just like I said earlier, everything happens for a reason. Give it time to grow. A flower will grow if you take time to nurture her and she will bloom when she will be ready.


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