– I am deciding to give up the desire to punish someone or to get even with you.

– Considering saying “I want to heal myself”. “I want to release that energy to get on with other things”.

– It is a decision and an ongoing life process.

– Need to remember – It is time of putting self back together.

– Do not need anyone’s permission, they might never know about it.
Steps to “Letting Go” – Can happen without reconciliation.

NAMING the actual situation, real situations.

OWNING “yes, it did happen” “Yes, it was awful” Being aware of the hurt/pain. Caution: Owning is not condoning it.

AFFIRAMTION ” I am who I am today; because of that and not in spite of it”. Being integrating those critical incidences.

MOVING ON Giving it place in my life…but not my whole life. Able to be “at peace” with the issue. Moving on with life and no longer defeated by it.

LETTING GO – can happen without reconciliation.

RECINCILIATION -Mutual forgiveness/takes two. Can only happen if openness is on both sides – mutual/safety. Things will never go back to the way they were.


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