Letting go and moving on of emotional pain

At one point during the process of letting go & moving on…


How can I let go and move on? How can I move forward? Sometimes I feel that I want to be free. I want to have freedom but I do not know how I can do it. Does it mean forgetting, forgiving and giving up on my abuser and my past? I want to heal and I do not want to think about him. I am so tired of wasting time and energy thinking about him. He does not deserve a place in my mind. I do not want negative thoughts or toxic people in my mind.  Those thoughts are painful. I can feel the thightening in my chest. It hurts. I am sad because I feel that I have to live like nothing happened. Does it mean I have to wear a mask and do not show my emotions? It is easy to tell someone to move on. Always easier to say than do. Sometimes I feel like people are judjing my pain. It feels like they do not understand what i have been going through. Why? Since my childhood, my depressions and the sexual assault I am working to keep myself alive and be happy as much as I can because I do not know when something terrible will happen again. I think I need the end of the court system to move on completely on my abuser and that horrible event.


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