Statement of intent

August 1st 2016

Statement of intent

1. I am in the program to help myself deal with anxiety, the issues I had in my childhood and a recent trauma. It is very hard for me to accept what happened and my emotions are all mixed up and my mood is like a roller coaster every day. I am confuse and disconnected from myself. I don’t know who I am. I have to find it out.

2. I want to work on myself. I need to find out who I am and I need to get better and stronger mentally, so i can take care of my family. My kids need a healthy mom and my partner needs a healthy spouse. I have to move forward with good tools and new skills. I need to find a way how to control my anxiety and my feelings around others and myself. I also need to know how to put limits and how to build boundaries in my life. I need to know how to protect myself.

3. I always felt alone and rejected in my past. Since the event in may I found support around me and being supported by others gave me strength to move a little bit forward. I am open to feedback and i want to use the energy from the group to help me find myself. It is a challenge for me. I have to share my emotions and the fear of being judged is huge and intense.


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