Six weeks in the day treatment program were hard but beneficial for me. I am proud because I did it all by myself with Megan’s support. I am not going to talk about the entire program. I will mention the most important points that I found beneficial for me. I have learned how important it is to set and have boundaries in my life and specially during intrusive questions about myself. I realized that it protects myself and others. I have learned that practicing positive self talk increase my self-esteem. Every little thing that I say or do is important and I am proud of it. I can also feel the strength in my voice and my body. I will continue to work hard on my mental and physical health. I have grown up. I can now see the world and face it as a healthy adult. I can also accept and let go my past. I am a little sad that I have to leave the program because I will miss you all. I am ready to go out and live my own life without wearing a mask. I am able now to love myself and be proud of who I am. I will work everyday and improve the skills that I have learned in the program. I am thankful for everyone who supported me in any way. Everyone helped me in different way and I appreciate it. It is now time for me to say goodbye and go to discover the world. I am still young and I have a lot of time ahead to enjoy with my family and friends. But the most important person to think about now and always is myself.


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